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Breathtaking wonders from the winners of the Travel lensman of the Year Awards

The National Geographic Travel lensman of the Year contest has been won by an interesting icon capturing a Megaptera novaeangliae calf off the coast of Japan's Kumejima Island. The icon competition celebrates the Brobdingnagian array of natural wonders found everywhere our globe.

The spectacular contest spans 3 categories: Nature, Cities and folks, with 3 overall winners chosen from quite thirteen,000 entries. still as Japanese lensman Reiko Takahashi's beautiful Grand Prize-winning image snagging prime spot within the Nature class, another sturdy Japanese entry from Hiro Kurashina took prime spot within the Cities class. Alessandra Meniconzi's Tea Culture won initial place within the individuals class, capturing a Mongolian eagle hunter pausing for a cup of tea.

Polar lensman Camille Seaman, one in all the judges during this year's competition, noted her feeling at the gorgeous quality of pictures submitted, several from non-professional photographers.

Looking at many pictures selecting the winners was a frightening task," says Seaman. "The pictures that stood out did therefore primarily based not entirely on their technical executive department

Other stand-out winning pictures embody a very alien snap from Marco Grassi known as Mars. The image options the planet Pyramids of Platten, giant natural sand towers bizarrely capped with stones that area unit found in Northern Italy's South province region. Gaanesh Prasad's Reflection conjointly took a prize within the Cities class illustrating the stark great thing about metropolis in stunning black and white.

Three People's alternative winners were conjointly highlighted, voted on by the overall public. These pictures embody a compelling drone shot of sharp-mouther crocodiles in South American country, a surreal snap of a cyclist riding into infinite fog in Asian country, and a psychedelic composition of a bit lady running through a reflected art installation.

Takahashi's Grand Prize-winning humpback photograph wins her a US$10,000 prize, collateral this artist's daring call to depart her workplace job and take up underwater photography full time. "I extremely cannot believe it," says Takahashi. "It was my dream to win. i'm honored and it'll be the actuation for my future shooting.

Take a more in-depth surf our gallery that includes a number of the simplest entries within the massively inspiring  photographic contest.

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